What Are the Other Metaverse Projects That Are Worth the Attention Other Than AXS?


Official website: mist.game

Contract address: BSC 0x68E374F856bF25468D365E539b700b648Bf94B67

Token holding address: 41,235

Twitter followers: 49.1k

Brief introduction:

With a production level no less than that of traditional PC games, the absolute RPG-based masterpiece will launch on the world’s largest gaming platform, Steam. It will be released by Unity, a leader in the game industry. However, the game’s launch was delayed

A friend’s comment is on point. Unity releases a statement to announce that Mist is a real game, not just an H5.

Reasons for the recommendation:

1. This is a real game that is playable, like “Diablo” and “World of Warcraft”.

2. Steam + Unity can be said to be the top combo in the gaming world.

3. There is no need to worry about the traffic, especially the traffic outside the circle, which is equivalent to BTC listed on the NYSE;

4. It has 49.1k Twitter followers, a token-holding address of more than 40,000, and high market attention.

Risks to take note of:

1. The recent maximum increase of MIST has exceeded 5 times its initial value;

2. The game was launched late, and the Metaverse concept passed the period of rapid growth;

3. The Tokenomics model has not been launched.

Gala Game

Official Website: https://gala.games/

Token: GALA (Main token),BXC (Game token)

Address: 0x15D4c048F83bd7e37d49eA4C83a07267Ec4203dA

Token holding address: 18,524

Twitter followers: 33.5k

Brief Introduction:

Gala game is a Metaverse concept-based gaming platform with more than 1.3 million monthly active users and sold 26,000 NFT props. Among them, games such as Town Star have been tested and attracted hundreds of thousands of users. GALA is mainly used to buy gaming NFT props.

The GALA Tokenomics model needs additional information.

Reasons for the recommendation:

1. Gaming platform, multiple built-in games, in which Town Star one of those trending among them;

2.The Play-to-Earn mode has not been announced yet, and a further increase is possible;

3. There are many Twitter and currency holding addresses, and the market pays close attention to the project.

Risks to take note of:

1. When first playing Town Star, it can be difficult as it is complex, and there is no Play-to-Earn mode;

2. The Tokenomics model has not yet been introduced.


Official website: https://www.vhslab.com/

OpenSea Official Store: https://opensea.io/collection/zed-run-official

Token: VHS(Has not been listed)

Twitter followers: 771

Investment institutions: A16Z、TCG etc.

Brief Introduction:

vhslab is an on-chain horse racing and horse gambling game. Users can buy and sell digital horses in the official OpenSea store, or breed digital horses. Each horse has its own “lineage” and “gene”. You can bring the horse into the race, not just collect, but also bet in the race. All the latest digital horses have been sold out. In addition to A16Z, the project also received the support of celebrities such as former NBA star Wilson Chandler.

Reasons for the recommendation:

1. A16Z investment;

2. Most are overseas users; games and gambling are more attractive to users;

3. Received support from NBA star Wilson Chandler and other celebrities;

Risks to take note:

1. There is no Play-to-Earn mode, horses are bought with ETH, and the correlation between tokens and projects is not strong, which needs to be strengthened in the following updates;

2. The Tokenomics model has not been announced.


Official website: https://app.cryptoblades.io/#/

Token: SKILL

Contract address: BSC 0x154a9f9cbd3449ad22fdae23044319d6ef2a1fab

Twitter followers: 54.8k

Token holding address: 326,016

Brief introduction:

Hero-based action games, similar to how Axie is played. Users will need to use SKILL to buy heroes and weapons to eliminate the enemy.

Reasons for the recommendation:

1. Hot trending

2. Based on the BSC release, FOMO led to heavy emotions.

Risks to take note of:

1. SKILL’s recently increased very high. Pay attention to the high risk;

2. Axie’s imitator, consensus basis to be tested.

3. The recent trend of tokens is weak as it has an outdated nature, especially the rebound that does not break the neckline and showing selling signs.


Official website: https://dinox.io/

Token: Equity token DNX,Game token DNXC、DNXI,On July 26, DNX held a IDO on Gate. The game is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Contract address: DNXC ETH 0x20a8cec5fffea65be7122bcab2ffe32ed4ebf03a

Twitter followers: 45.8k

Telegram fans: 25082

Brief Introduction:

Dinox is a dinosaur adventure game. Axie Infinity’s imitator. Players need to buy dinosaur eggs with tokens to hatch them, upgrade and fight monsters. At the same time, they can sell game tokens of DNXC and DNXI to get income.

Reasons for the recommendation:

1. The game has not launched, and there is no FOMO yet;

2. There are many Twitter fans, so it has gained massive attention.

3. Has Play-to-Earn mode;

Risks to take note of:

1. The game will be launched late and may miss the window of oppurtunity;

2. The Tokenomics model is not announced.

3. Axie’s imitator, consensus to be tested, is greatly affected by the market trending cycle.


Official website: https://bsc.copuppy.io/

Token: CP(Has not been launched)

Twitter followers: 45.5k

Telegram fans: 40,544

Based on BSC’s dog breeding and fighting game, players can buy 3D dogs with BUSD to fight and win the game token CP. The first round of Airdrop has ended, and the second round will start soon.

Reasons for the recommendation:

1. High attention, NFT auction was held on the 31st;

2. Based on the BSC chain, FOMO was high in the early stage;

3. Play-to-Earn attracts funds and players.

Risks to take note of:

  1. The project is outdated.

Rangers Protocol

Official website: https://www.rangersprotocol.com/

Token: RPG(has not been listed)

IDO time and platform: August,Polkastarter

Twitter followers: 2071

Telegram fans: 1537

Investment Institutions: Pantera、Hashkey、SNZ, and more

Brief Introduction:

Rangers Protocol is a Metaverse infrastructure launched by MixMarvel, which provides development components such as cross-chain, NFT, and Etheruem Virtual Machines (EVM). MixMarvel is a traditionalblockchain game development company, which has issued MIX tokens and FFF game tokens. In addition, MIX has launched Bithumb, MEXC, Gate, AscendEX and other platforms.

Reasons for the recommendation:

1. Pantera, hashkey, SNZ and other institutions;

2. MixMarvel is experienced in project operation and market value management.

Risks to take note of:

1.Whether the Metaverse needs special chain development is uncertain;

2.The development progress may miss the window of opportunity.



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